Police Magnum Pepper Spray Trio for Security

Stay Safe and Secure with Police Magnum Pepper Spray Trio

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4.19 out of 5 stars

38 reviews

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The Police Magnum Pepper Spray Trio for Security is a powerful self-defense tool that can keep you safe in dangerous situations. To use it, ensure you fully press down the actuator to release the pepper spray. Unlike aerosol cans, a partial press down will not activate the can.

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Additional Product Details

  • Max Strength Formula for Immediate Protection
  • Compact Design for Convenient Carry
  • Trio Set for Multi-Point Defense
  • Quick Release Safety Lock for Easy Use
  • UV Dye Marking for Suspect Identification
  • Effective Range of Up to 10 Feet
  • Non-Lethal Option for Personal Safety
  • Police-Grade Pepper Spray for Reliable Performance
  • Meets TSA Regulations for Air Travel

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